Learn how to make and edit ebook files!

At Edit Epub we teach you how to create and edit ebook files. Everything we offer is completely FREE! Epub is an ebook format that is used by the most popular ebook reading devices like the iPad, Nook,  Sony Reader and most other tablets and smart phones.  However, despite being a very common format, most people do not know how to make edits to their epub files, let alone create their own.

An epub file is essentially the same thing as a Zip file. To edit epub files you will need to unzip the fill, and break it up into component parts, OR use an epub editor. This is where we come in! We show you how to edit and create your own professional quality ebooks, and we provide you with all of the tools and instructions you will need.

Our digital course also teaches you how to convert your ePub into other important ebook formats like MOBI (for Amazon Kindle).

In addition, our top of the line ebook publishing and marketing guides teach you everything you need to know to get your ebook on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and noble and other top ebook stores.

Ready to make an ebook?

With our industry leading content and tutorials you can literally  publish your own perfectly formatted ebook TODAY. All you need is a computer, the internet, a book (or the desire to write one), and this course!