Here are our favorite FREE tools to write, publish, and market your ebook!

Google Docs 
Google docs is a free word processing tool (like Microsoft Word) that allows you to write and organize your content. It offers great tools for designing and laying out your book content. It also has great sharing features that make it easy to get feedback on your book. 
Canva is a free design tool that works in your browser. Its a great way to create your cover image. It is also great for designing graphics to go in your content, ads to promote your book, banners for your social media sites and more! 
Pexels is a stock photography and image site that offers great high quality images completely free! You can use these images for your ebook cover, chapter headings, or anything else!

Sigil is an ebook editing and creation tool that makes it easy to edit and create professional quality ebooks.

Calibre is an ebook conversion tool that allows you to convert files into different formats. We like this tool most for its ability to convert EPUB ebook files into MOBI ebook files.

Kindle Previewer 
This is a great tool for opening and viewing ebook files directly on your PC or Mac computer.

Adobe Digital Editions 
This awesome tool allows you to open and read EPUB files on your PC or Mac computer.

IDPF ePub Validator 
This tool allows you to upload your EPUB file and see if it passes validation. It checks to make sure all of your code is correct and gives you specific warnings if it is not. If your book does not pass validation with the IDPF tool, it will probably not be accepted by Apple, Amazon or any of the other online stores!