How to Edit Epub Metadata

Learn to Edit Epub Metadata on Mac or Windows Computer!

Several important details are housed within the metadata of your epub file. For example; the book author, title, contributors and more can all be found in the metadata. If you want to update or change these details, it can be done easily!

  1. To edit content in your .epub file you will first need to open the folder into its component parts. You can learn how to open an ePub file here.
  2. Once you have your files un-packaged simply open the folder. You should see a file called ”META-INF” or similar. This file should contain a metadata.xml or similar file.
  3. You will need a text editor like Sublime Text or Notepad to open the XML file. Below is a screenshot using Sublime.
  4. Now you can simply identify the metadata elements you want to edit and make the changes.
  5. Save your changes and re-package the file. To do this on a Windows computer simply zip the contents of the file, then rename the file to include the extension .epub. On a Mac computer, you can use the utility here.