Our Story

After over 10 years in the publishing industry helping individuals and companies turn their content into digital formats. What we found is that authors are extremely capable people and are generally happy to spend the time creating their own ebook files, they just don’t know how. So, we decided to pull together a recourse of all the information and training necessary to create well crafted ebooks, distribute those ebooks, and market them online!

About Us

Epub is an ebook format that is used by the most popular ebook reading devices like the iPad, Nook,  Sony Reader and most other tablets and smart phones.  However, despite being a very common format, most people do not know how to make edits to their epub files, let alone create their own. At Edit Epub we teach you how to create and edit ebook files.

We also provide you with all of the tools and instructions you will need.

Our digital course teaches you how to convert your ePub into other important ebook formats like MOBI (for Amazon Kindle). With our top of the line ebook publishing and marketing guides you will have everything you need to get your ebook on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and other ebook stores.

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