How do you convert your epub ebook files into mobi format? 

Epub is a popular format, and it is used my many of the most popular ebook reading devices. However, some devices, including Amazons Kindle line of readers, do not support epub files.

Enter Calibre.

Calibre is a free, and simple to use program that helps you convert ebook formats. This is also a great option if you created your ebook using Sigil and want to create a Mobi file to upload to Amazon.

Here is how it works:

  • First, you will need to Download and install Calibre. This is a free software for reading and converting ebook formats.
  • Open Calibra and follow the prompts to select you native language and the folder you want to use as your ebook library.
  • Add books to Calibra from the main dashboard screen by clicking the big “Convert Books” button in the top left side of the navigation. You can add EPUB files as well as other formats. But for this example, we will show an ePub conversion.
  • Select the EPUB files you want to convert and click “Convert books” in the top bar.

Convert your ePub to Mobi format

  • There are a lot of options to choose from, but you should find that the basic setup is good enough for most conversions. When you are ready you can simply click “OK” at the bottom right to begin your conversion.

You can use Calibre to convert other ebook formats as well.